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Hi I’m Aaron. Thanks for taking the time to read my story. Some good, some not so good.

But, this is all relevant when considering whether I’m the coach for you.

The last ten years I have been coaching high performing individuals. Individuals that realise the foundation for achieving success in any arena is physical and mental wellbeing.

To say this is anything less than a passion would be an understatement. This is not something I do, but in fact it is something I live.

But this wasn’t always the case.

During my University days, I developed a pretty serious drinking habit. Often drinking four or five times a week. My problem being that once I started I didn’t stop. The beauty of the all or nothing personality.

Before I knew it, tens years had passed. The one constant in a very unstructured life was my commitment to physical training. It’s funny the fact that I played rugby to a high level in New Zealand and then professionally in England was almost a justification in my own mind that I can’t be an alcoholic. Strange, the games our mind plays.

As time went on and I hit my early thirties I noticed my powers of recovery weren’t what they use to be. I was experiencing more injuries, my weight was going up and my energy levels were decreasing. All in all, life was getting tougher.

Thankfully, I had the sense to start asking questions and seeking out the best in the areas of peak performance – delving deep into nutrition, movement, mindset and stress management.

What are the real rocks that are going to slow the ageing process? What are those important lifestyle choices that will have me looking, feeling and performing to a high level for the next twenty or thirty years?

What worked in my twenties clearly wasn’t going to cut it.

As I’m sure you would agree, the other big shift I noticed travelling from my twenties to my thirties and then to my forties was the real lack of time. Work and family commitments left very little time for exploring much else.

Because of these time constraints it really meant I had to get an understanding of what is going to get maximum results for minimal time invested.

Do I have all the answers? Unfortunately not.

Is it about being perfect? No.

Am I confident that by taking the time to understand your pressures, struggles and passions that we can come up with a realistic blueprint to have you turning back the clock? Yes – 100%.

The small things we do every day count. Take control today.

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Aaron Callaghan has spent the last decade and more in an endless search for higher levels of excellence in personal development.

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