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While your circumstances and health concerns are unique, I wanted to share some positive praise received from past client’s.


“Aaron Callaghan has spent the last decade and more in an endless search for higher levels of excellence in personal development. With a wide ranging field of interest and expertise, he has mastered an integrated approach to being the best you can be. Beyond this, as a coach, teacher, mentor and motivator, he constantly exceeds his clients’ expectations with a humble and serious-minded engagement style, and so is valued by everyone he encounters both professionally and personally. His work is to be admired by even the harshest critic, a tribute to how hard he strives to apply the best science has to offer.”

Roy Sugarman PhD
Director: Applied Neuroscience
Performance Innovation Team



“Sometimes in life you get to know someone that makes a meaningful and lasting change on your life. Aaron is such a person, since I started training with him over a decade ago the changes I have experienced have been materially across the board . Physically my body has changed I have attained more muscle content , lowered my fat levels , my eating habits have improved also to such a level that I can now not only maintain my body shape and weight but I can do it all year round no not matter where I am , for example travelling or operating in a stressful environment .It has been the ability of achieving my desired body and mental well being and maintaining this level of overall fitness that has been the most pleasing result I have achieved not only for myself but also for my wife to see , being able to compete and keep up with my two boys as they grow up and to be able to cope and manage with anything that is thrown at me be it at work or any other circumstance as a result of being overall both physically and mentally stronger than at any previous point in time of my life”

Alexander Gow
Executive Director, Macquarie Bank



“I recommend Aaron to anyone who’s training for specific goals or just life in general. He’s passionate and maintains deep level, up to date knowledge on training, nutrition and motivation … and we need all three of these working together to get the best results., especially as we get old.

In 2013 I entered a gruelling 111km overnight surf ski race. Aaron advised me on nutrition and built a gym program that fitted around my paddling schedule, kept me training and injury free. I credit much of my race performance to his advice. I came 3rd in the overall race and 2nd in the 40-50yr old category. Not bad considering I only learnt to paddle a surf ski in the months leading into the race. Thanks Aaron!”

Kevin O’Connor
Investor Relations and equity market transactions



“Over a prolonged period Aaron has managed and enhanced my movement patterns and range. We starting with simple movements to develop and reinforce good structure and then progressed to more complex and challenging exercises. I have been injury free for many years while playing sport on a regular basis. We have also been continually reviewing lifestyle and diet factors that affect my wellbeing and working out what fits into a busy schedule, and works in the “real world”. I am in better all-round shape at 57 than I was at 42″

Steve Donoghue Cox
Retired weekend warrior



“In my late thirties I was unfit, overweight, sedentary and increasingly stressed at work. I recognised that I needed to make some adjustments and started training with Aaron. With Aaron’s coaching I learnt that making small, incremental changes to lifestyle and attitude provides the basis for lasting change. Now, at 48, my diet is consistently better, I’m far stronger than I have ever been, and thanks to Aaron have developed what I hope is a lifetime mindset which maintains that physical strength and helps me perform at my best.”

Chris Robertson
Partner, Allen and Overy


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Aaron Callaghan has spent the last decade and more in an endless search for higher levels of excellence in personal development.

Roy Sugarman PhD July 14, 2015



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